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Social Media Machine is a unique and innovative time saving solution that enables you to communicate with a broad audience across multiple social media networks simultaneously. By creating and publishing a single advert on Social Media Machine, your advert will automatically be published on your configured social media profiles and will display as if it was posted directly from the social media platforms. Social Media Machine is a simple to use, streamlined social media advertising tool for mass marketing.

Digital Footprint

We help you to create a “digital footprint” for your business. Once it is setup, it belongs to you even if you cease to use the Social Media Machine platform.


The Social Media Machine platform is created to be as user-friendly and streamlined as possible, this ensure that our clients can get used to the layout and functionality swiftly and get their adverts posted with ease.

User manual

Once you have registered successfully the user manual will be available on your Social Media Machine profile that will provide the necessary information for them to use Social Media Machine successfully. The user manual have step by step instructions with screenshots of how the system work to provide better instruction, the manual also provide our clients with the appropriate tips to ensure that they get the best results from their social media marketing efforts.

We can setup your social media profile on your behalf

If you do not have a social media account or if you do not have all the social media accounts that you would like to target for your marketing, and you would like us to set it up, there will be no additional costs – provided that you have a Gold or Platinum package. For the smaller packages (Bronze, and Silver) there will be a small setup fee, or you can easily upgrade to one of our premium packages. In this case you will have to inform us in time with the correct verification code sent to your smartphone from the social media platforms to ensure that your social media account is completed successfully.

No long term contracts

With a Social Media Machine subscription you are not bound to long term contracts. We do however recommend a test period of at least 3 months for you to see the growth of your brand awareness and the increasing number of followers online. Social Media Marketing is a medium to long term investment in your brand marketing efforts and should not be regarded as a quick fix to mass marketing. Although it is one of the most successful and cost-effective forms of marketing the majority of growth will be visible over a period of time.

Automatic posting to all your social media profiles

Every time you create an advert on your Social Media Machine profile, it will automatically be posted to all your configured social media platforms within a few minutes. By consistently updating your profiles with new material, your online exposure is enhanced and the reach of your content is much broader than it would be by using traditional marketing methods.

We do not support spam

Although there is not a set limit on the amount of adverts you post daily, we recommend that you do not post more than 3 adverts a day to your own pages and 1 advert per day to groups, to avoid flooding the pages and creating a spam reputation. We do not support spamming. Spamming is a serious cyber-crime.

Image posts are supported

Image posts are supported on the Social Media Machine platform. In fact, we recommend using images for your social media marketing to ensure visibility and attract attention. Image posts are superior to plain text posts and benefit from more shares and likes on social media networks. Since social media networks consist of fast reading and updating posts. Images help to communicate a clear message quickly and entice the viewers to engage with your brand.

Automatic continuous repost of your advert

The re-post option is for Silver, Gold and Platinum packages and enables you to make use of a simplistic advertising campaign system. This option will re-post your adverts in ascending date order to your configured social media profiles that loop after the last post – this ensure that there are movement on your pages.

Manage your running adverts

A list of all your live/running adverts enables you to easily see what adverts are re-posted to your configured social media pages. If you have bulk relevant adverts, re-posting will ensure that your adverts get as much exposure as possible on your configured social media pages and profiles. Facebook group posts ca be viewed on your Facebook activity log.

Facebook group advertising

The Social Media Machine group posting feature is a great tool to enlarge your “digital footprint” and enhance brand awareness. This allows you to post adverts to all your Facebook groups on an automated system. These group posts have a much broader reach than normal page and profile posting, the average groups we join on behalf of our customers normally have a large number of members and this is the audience that will be able to view your group adverts. We add 1-5 groups per day for our clients on the Platinum package. Group adverts have a limit of one advert per group per day.

You can add an advert to your group postings or remove an advert from group posting. Group posts will post your advert to your Facebook groups configured on our system, these group posts are recurring posts that will be posted one by one in a loop (once the last advert have posted it will start posting from the first advert again). The tempo of these posts will be determined by the amount of groups on your profile and will not necessarily post to all your groups in one specific day. Submitting or removing a group advert will take 48 hours during working days (Mon-Fri) or 72 hours over weekends and public holidays.

Upgrade your account

You can upgrade your account at any time, this will ensure that you can add to the basic functionality of your Social Media Machine profile.


Clients can view their results directly on their social media accounts. These insights will guide you in planning your future online marketing campaigns and ensure the best results.

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